Arts Invasion: Fringe Festival

The initial designs were created for a Graphic Design & Professional Practices class. Our prompt was to create designs for an event known as Arts Invasion: Fringe Festival.


My designs were selected out of the class designs to be used for the actual event. The designs consisted of 2 posters (A full poster and a "teaser" poster), a t-shirt, 2 napkin holder ad designs for the cafeterias, and an instagram ad. All of the typography was hand-designed by me.

Arts Invasion: Fringe Festival was an event where Messiah College's art department spread across campus and held interactive activities such as music, ceramics, or dancing to help spread some artistic joy all around campus. The goal of these designs was to convey eye-catching creativity without being too specific or literal to any certain type of art.

In addition to creating the designs for this event, I also volunteered to help out with some set-up and event photography. See the slideshow below for some of my photography from this event.


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