Curious about the designer behind this website? Read on.

Morgan M.jpg

I'm a graphic designer with a unique perspective and a love for creativity! I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to learn new things.

In my free time, I enjoy growing lots (and I mean lots) of plants, exploring the world through photography, expanding my artistic skills, and playing games with friends.

I love animals, and my love for art / design stems from my creativity as a child spending time drawing any animal I laid eyes on. I still enjoy animals and have a beautiful calico named Minnie, a quirky tabby named Goose, and several fish.


I also drive a fantastically bright yellow VW Beetle named Charlie (after Charlie Brown, of course), something I thoroughly enjoy because it makes other people smile. Plus, it's fun to see kids play the "punchbuggy" game as I pass by.


If you're interested in having a conversation with me, feel free to reach out below or through the Contact page!